On the street of fidelity in the 10th arrondissement, the Parisian residence of Hôtel Grand Amour (sur la rue de la fidélité) sits. A charming 1950's style hotel bathed in artistic decorum with ruminants of the Chelsea hotel , with the likes of the esteemed Keith Haring and expert naughty boy Helmut Newton's works pilots you through its provocative residence. 
After a previously late night spent in a Montmarte café drinking cheap champagne and discussing the future of visual language with fellow friends, the photographer arrived in a truly late fashion. 
With a short tour of the space from Gabriela Spader the local Parisian and Brazilian model gave us time to break bread, Michael Woolery a dear friend and talented lensman had been kind enough to lend us his one of a kind suite to work in. Michael paraded us through the the dimly lite corridors, guided only by black and white risqué prints lighting the path and with its Pierre Frey carpet of exotica-kitsch-inspired patterns. 
Drawing from the space, our unique artistic perspectives and language we went on to make these photos for the leisure of the viewer and ours . .

Model ~ Gabriela Spader
Photographer ~ Luke Simmonds 
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