Luke Simmonds
Visual artist, photographer & creative director.
Currently in London, UK.

film photography & cinematography. 
Ethereal/euphoric imagery inducing emotion with subtly dark undertones.
Photography has evolved for Luke as a way to challenge perspectives and create emotive visuals. 
Distinguished by Culture ,Philosophy & Human Nature.

Represented  by
Line Up Gallery, Paris ~ France.
Founder of Touch My Film 
Analog and Artist based Collective,
Hosting Exhibitions, soirees & online projects.

biography ~
Photography has evolved as a way to challenge perspectives and create emotive art. Luke’s style is dedicated to ethereal images in the traditional medium of black and white film, through timeless aesthetic and creative compositions the artist delves to understand his own romanticist approach to human life and the natural world. The artist looks at modern scenes through a nostalgic lens which breathes life through the format of film. Heavily influenced from a period of the artists life living in Paris, France the artist indulges in the romantic and sophisticated culture of Paris and Saint-Tropez, drawing inspiration from the creative movement of the French new wave in the 1960’s – 70’s.
The time spent in Australia has shaped the way the artist uses light and relates shape and form to the native Australasian landscapes, casting a deeper relationship to his surroundings. The artists work lives by the Greek word ‘meraki’, derived from the Turkish “merak”(labor of love) meaning to do something with soul, creativity or love; to leave a piece of yourself in the work.​​​​​​​

capture ~ 

I’m waiting for life to start | Solo Exhibition | Sydney, Australia 2022

Anti-Utopia | Touch my film group show | Sydney, Australia 2021

Youth & debauchery | Touch my film group show | Cornwall, UK 2019

An ode to youth culture | Solo Exhibition | Paris, France 2017

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